Your Sewer & Drain Problems Resolved!

Drain and sewer clogs can be stressful for any family or business owner, here at AAA-ABLE we are prepared to fix any clog, no matter how big or small! We will remove all clogs in both residential and commercial Sewer lines, Kitchen and Laundry sinks, and all Bathroom toilets, sinks, and showers. The hardest part of a clog is diagnosing the location and determining the best point of attack to fix the problem. Here at AAA-ABLE we have the correct equipment to fix any clog or back up that you may encounter. 

The last thing you need
is to come home to an overflow!

When you have a main sewer system clog, you will not be able to flush toilets or run water without having a significant flood or back up in the lowest point of your home!
What does that mean? If you have a clog in the main system and some one continues to use the facilities it will begin to overflow the lowest fixture in your home. This could be a toilet, shower, or sink in your basement or 1st floor depending on the building. If this occurs STOP running the water and call AAA-ABLE to come and fix your clog.

What Causes your Sewer System to clog?
Some clogs can be avoided, if you are conscious of what goes down the drain. For example, avoid dumping grease and sanitary products down your sinks and toilets. Disposing of your cooking greases and oils in containers, rather then dumping them down your kitchen sink will help with grease and slug build up.

Same goes for sanitary products, even though you may see that famous word flushable, it does not mean that they will break down properly and push all the way out into the city sewer system.
Root Intrusion: This is the type of sewer clog you cannot prevent or stop! Roots can grow into any type of pipe whether its clay, cast iron, or PVC. Once the roots have grown into your sewer line, it leaves you with very few options. Preventative maintenance is usually done once or twice a year and will help remove the roots before they cause a major back up. The other option is to excavate and remove the section of pipe that roots have broken into.

Secondary drain lines are connected to your sinks and tub/shower through out your home. These pipes will eventually connect into your main stack line or sewer system in the floor. These drain lines tend to be no bigger then 2” and can clog more frequently then the main sewer.
Avoid Chemicals! Even though you may get temporary relief using drain cleaning liquids you will cause significant damage to your drain lines and sewer system. These chemicals can thin out the walls of your drain lines and ultimately cause them to leak or corrode faster. You may save some money in the short term, but down the road you will encounter a significant expense to replace those pipes after they rot out and leak.

What causes your Secondary Drains to clog?
The drain lines in your home are usually original to the house and tend to accumulate rust and slug on the interior walls of the pipe. This will cause the water to drain slowly and eventually clog.
The most common causes of a secondary drain clogs is hair, grease/oils, and every day liquids going down the drains. Give us a call for to speak with a trained technician for more tips to resolve any drain clog or schedule an appointment.