Sewer Line Camera Investigation

One of the most overlooked things when purchasing a new home is the sewer system. Having the sewer system inspected and knowing the condition of the sewer line can help avoid property damage and costly repairs. The sewer system is buried under the property and without the camera investigation, you essentially have no idea if it is broken, collapsed, has root intrusion, or damaged in anyway. Once the investigation is complete we can advise you on what the best plan of action is moving forward.n

Benefits of a Sewer Line Inspection:

  • Knowing the condition of your sewer line can help avoid any unwanted and expensive repair or replacement costs on your recently purchased property.

  • Sewer line inspections will identify what your sewer line is made of. This will help estimate the life span and quality of your current sewer line situation. Once you know the type of piping you have, it will help planning and budgeting for any future repair or replacement of the sewer line.

  • Identifying why you are constantly having sewer back ups is very important. Knowing if your sewer line has root intrusion, grease build up, or is your sewer line collapsed or separated will help determine the next plan of action.

  • If you are doing any type of excavation on your property having the sewer line camera and located will help avoid damaging or crushing your own sewer line.

What happens after I camera my sewer line?

  • Once we do a complete sewer line inspection we will take all the information gathered and determine a specific plan of action that fits your needs. The results may vary and result in several options such as:

  • Full Replacement of the sewer line system

  • Repair a section of the sewer line system

  • Scheduled maintenance of the sewer line system

  • Hydro Jetting to remove scale, rust, roots, other build ups.

  • Snake and unclog the sewer line system